19 February 2015

AMA, 1st French company to be certified Glass at Work

I&R : A few days ago, you were certified by google as a Glass at work partner, a difficult title to have as only 10 companies in the world have managed to do so. According to you, what made you different from other contestants?

Christian Guillemot : We are very happy with the certification. It is a global recognition that resulted from a project which started more than one and a half year ago, date at which we started working on the glasses. Everything started with mobile games as at this time, we were Google’s top developer. We quickly understood that there were other high added value possible uses. This hypothesis was confirmed when Dr. Collin working at CHP St. Grégoire contacted us with a surgeon training problematic. He needed to show everything he was doing in real time to students based in Japan, and to show what his eyes were seeing. From field experiments to studio feedback, we worked on the healthcare sector and on the problematics where lives are at risk. And I am convinced that this Agile methodology, with real field experiments, based on day to day issues that got Google’s attention. They saw we had a major lead in implementation.

I&R : From mobile games and apps to the healthcare industry, could you talk about AMA’s big turning point?

CG : In fact, in 2013, we made the choice to focus on business applications with high added value, and more specifically on applications where life is in danger, where the vital prognosis is engaged. This is a first in the life of the company, historically positioned in the game industry. But we believe in the value of business applications with high added value: training of surgeons, accompanying interventions live on a STROKE or road accident, selection of grafts to distance … It goes away voluntarily from the quantified self with a will, concentrating on this use to become experts, leaders, and then see if these solutions are applicable in other professions. Our goal is to bring medical expertise where it is not easy to find thanks to business applications.

I&R : Exactly, what is going to change this certification ?

CG : The certification is first of all a recognition of our work, our distinctive methodology. It is a spotlighting only. Because we are in an exciting profession, primarily based on professional uses and needs. It is therefore important that the actors that have professional problems to know that we are here to provide solutions. With this very selective certification of Google, which has studied our methods and our technology, we are on the map of companies that provide value-added solutions. And Google also uses it. If you call Google with a “health” problematic, Google is going to put us in relationship with this trio ” holder of a need / hardware Provider – Google / solutions Provider – AMA “.

Interview conducted by Julie HARY

Source : Images et Réseaux


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