15 December 2015

Rennes : a World Premiere in the medical sector using Google Glass.

Equipped with google glasses, a surgeon was able to transmit a surgery live from France to Japan.

A surgeon near Rennes operated on a patient on Friday morning and broadcasted the audio and video feed 10 000 km away, in Japan. A world Premiere carried out at the private hospital of Saint-Grégoire, Ille-et-Vilaine. Google glasses are smartglasses that allow the user to send information such as photos and videos, in real time.

A new technological performance was achieved on Friday morning at the CHP (Private Hospital Centre) of Saint-Grégoire near Rennes. The surgeon Dr Philippe Collin was wearing the smartglasses during the surgery. The glasses are equipped with a camera, a microphone, an audio receiver and a display screen. Thanks to a simple Wi-Fi network, he managed to broadcast the video feed of the surgery of an 80 year-old patient to his colleague Pr. Goto, at Nagoya’s Hospital Centre in Japan, 10,000 km away.

Dr. Collin had already conducted surgeries and operations broadcasted live via the Internet but the operating room was requiring an heavy organization. With Google glass, manipulations were easier: “This will probably be tomorrow’s technology as it only requires an Internet connection coupled with smartglasses”, said the surgeon. “This will give us the ability to teach anywhere, and that is truly extraordinary” he said on France Bleu Armorique.

A previous and similar experiments have been led in the United States in 2013, but the two parties were only a couple of hundreds of kilometres away.


Source : France Info

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