12 April 2017

The 3 Coolest Ways Smart Glasses are Being Used in Surgery

“When lives are at stake, failure is not an option.”
Paul Szotek, MD
Founder and Medical Director of Indiana Hernia Center

I think most of us would agree with Dr. Szotek. As an experienced surgeon and noted expert, Paul is routinely trusted with peoples’ lives. His vast understanding of the human body, the things that can go wrong, and ability fix those problems is astonishing. That being said, Paul can only learn so much, do so many things and be in so many places as the rules of the universe allow. With these limitations in mind, and with so many patients in need of his expertise, Paul turned to AMA XpertEye to help him overcome the boundaries of time and space.

1. “Going out of town? Not a problem.”
The demands of Paul’s life and job sometimes pull him away from his home city of Indianapolis. When he’s away on vacation, business trips or lectures, his patients receive the same quality care as when he’s by their side. By using Xpert Eye, Paul can conference in from anywhere in the world to ensure his top notch post-operative care and wound assessment goes uninterrupted.

2. “Need expert colleague advice? Not a problem.”
Sometimes the best of the best need a helping hand. Paul uses Xpert Eye while in the operating room to collaborate with other skilled surgeons, live stream video to training classrooms, and record procedures. Remote experts and trainees can record pictures and videos taken from Paul’s point of view, push diagrams and charts to his eye, and annotate that material in real time. Two experts are always better than one.

3. “AMA is leading the point-of-view telehealth and telemonitoring revolution into the future”
Paul’s the expert! Humblebrag aside, we see surgeons like Paul as thought leaders. By using Xpert Eye to train new surgeons, crowdsource knowledge, and transform real time medical communication, early adopters are raising the standards of patient care to new levels.

“Patient care. Surgery. Reinvented”

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