How to implement a smart glasses program in 7 easy steps

Secrets to avoiding costly mistakes when implementing a smart glass program

As experts in the smart glasses arena, we constantly run into questions from people confused as to what their options are in a budding market still trying to define itself.

Our internal study show that over 75% of our prospects don’t know know what type of smart glass technology to look at for their use case.

We also find that over 50% of our prospects don’t know what metrics they are trying to impact.

Do you know what the difference is between the types of glasses and what features they have?

Do you know what features your program should have?

In this very brief 6 page cheat sheet, we’ll share the 7 steps to making sure you are set up for success in implementing your smart glasses program.

Download our cheat sheet to get started on the right path the first time.





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